SICK Vibration sensor for monitoring of motors and equipment

March 7, 2023
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If are you looking for a vibration, shock, and temperature monitoring solution for your equipment and motors, then this article is for you. Introducing - the new SICK MPB10 condition monitoring, vibration sensor  and the Monitoring Box cloud service application.

The SICK Multi Physics Box - SICK  MPB10 condition monitoring sensor allows for continuous monitoring of various machines or their components, such as motors, pumps, conveyor systems, or fans. The sensor measures vibrations, shocks, and temperature, and based on the obtained values possible faults and errors of the equipment can be detected early. This allows you to schedule necessary equipment and motor maintenance work regardless of equipment status, resulting in cost savings by reducing the number of unplanned downtimes.

With a wide range of measurement parameters, the MPB10 can be set up to suit your individual machine type. The vibration sensor can be integrated into existing systems as a separate sensor using IO-Link communication and a simple digital alarm signal. Or use as a complete package, which includes a software environment with other sensors and a cloud service - Monitoring Box .

Separate sensor SICK MPB10

Quick and easy to configure using SICK SOPAS and IO-Link communication. The status of the motor or equipment can be easily monitored by transferring the measurement data to the control device of the system using one of the IO-Link master communication devices. Or by using individually configurable thresholds which if exceed pre-configured values give a simple digital switching alarm signal.

Cloud service - Monitoring Box

By connecting the sensor to the SICK Monitoring Box digital service, the measurement data of the sensor is stored, analyzed and planning of equipment maintenance is carried out. Users can visualize real-time and historical data from the SICK MPB10 sensor in easy-to-interpret, customizable dashboards. Using the Monitoring Box, operators can also receive notifications about the status of equipment via e-mail or submit data about an existing system for integration into a cloud application.

By attaching the MPB10 condition monitoring sensor to the motor, factory operators and managers can improve their system and equipment maintenance practices by accurately identifying and predicting possible equipment errors and defects, as well as timely scheduling necessary repairs, preventing financially unprofitable equipment downtime.

Technical specification of the SICK vibration sensor:

  • 3-axis vibration (± 8 g) monitoring in time and frequency domain;
  • Shock detection (up to 200 g) via MEMS elements;
  • Contact temperature measurement -40...+80°C;
  • Compact stainless steel housing, IP68;
  • Digital output as alarm and IO-Link communication.

Technical advantages of the SICK vibration sensor:

  • Simple configuration and visualization of parameters using the SOPAS Engineering Tool ;
  • Individually adjustable with configurable vibration, shock, and temperature thresholds;
  • Easy installation using a magnetic plate or screw connection;
  • The possibility of early detection of possible equipment defects and timely scheduling of necessary repairs.

Fields of application of the SICK vibration sensor:

  • Detection of vibration, temperature, and shock on equipment with rotating components;
  • Continuous monitoring of motors, fans, and pumps;
  • Detection of status changes on equipment components.
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