W16 and W26 new generation of SICK Photoelectric Sensors

April 3, 2020
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W16 and W26 new generation of SICK Photoelectric Sensors-0

SICK is constantly updating and improving its photoelectric sensor portfolio, providing customers with the best solution for their needs. Therefore, on April 30 of this year, the production of the old W14-2, W18-3, W23-2 and W27-3 series photo sensors will be phased out and they will be replaced with the latest generation SICK W16 and W26 series photosensors.

Thanks to new technologies in object detection, the W16 and W26 sensors will be an excellent solution for a wide and demanding range of applications. To simplify the transition to the new and improved W16 and W26 photo sensor series, the housing design and mounting holes are almost fully compatible with existing sensors from the previous generation.

  • W14-2, W18-3 - replaced with W16 + mounting adapter
  • W23-2 and W27-3 - replaced by W26

The main technological improvements of  new W16 and W26 series photosensors:

  • Blue Pilot - an indication of optical diodes for easy sensor adjustment;
  • TwinEye - for excellent detection of uneven and shiny objects;
  • LineSpot - linear light beam for continuous detection of perforated objects;
  • ClearSens - continuous adaptation of the sensor to external environmental pollution;
  • OptoFilter - immunity to LED lighting and other ambient light.



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