Profibus Plug In Interface Module from Invertek Drives

March 23, 2020
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Profibus Plug In Interface Module from Invertek Drives-0

Invertek Drives variable frequency drives are easy to integrate into the various communication system thanks to the ability to add the appropriate communication module. It is possible to connect Invertek Drives Eco and P2 series inverters with communication interfaces such as DeviceNet, EthernetIP, Bacnet IP, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, Profinet IO, EtherNet.

The Profibus DP Interface is intended to be installed in the Optidrive option slot, and allows the Optidrive to be connected to a Profibus DP network. The interface offers
the following functionality:

  • Automatic Baud Rate Detection from 9.6kpbs to 12mbps
  • Cyclic Process Data Exchange
  • Parameter Access via DPV-1 Read / Write Services

Setting up the frequency converter for control via this interface proceeds as follows:

  • Set the drive to Fieldbus control mode by setting parameter P1-12 = 4
  • Ensure Advanced Parameter Access is enabled on the drive by setting P1-14 = 101
  • Set the required node address for the drive in P5-01
  • Further drive parameter setting options are possible, please read the Optidrive
    P2 / Optidrive HVAC User Guide for further information

When configuring the Profibus network in the PLC, it is important to ensure that the output data sent from
the PLC to the drive is in a lower slot number than the input data from the drive back to the PLC.

Additional information is available at the product manual on our website.

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