World's first touchscreen photo sensor - SICK W10

March 13, 2024
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World's first touchscreen photo sensor - SICK W10-0

Sick Sensor – one of the largest manufacturers of smart sensors and solutions, has launched a brand new and unique product. It is the world's first photoelectric sensor with a touchscreen. We believe that this product is something quite revolutionary that will definitely bring new speeds in industrial automation.

If our daily lives are no longer conceivable without touchscreen phones, why shouldn't it be possible for sensor technology? Here it is! The new SICK W10 photo sensor's easy to use, robust design and high performance have already been tested by several manufacturing companies. It is worth mentioning that this sensor has many applications with a wide range of operating modes and is able to accurately detect objects in difficult environments.

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Touchscreen - for faster navigation


ZTF Lāsma has been working with different SICK models in the Baltics for two decades. We can honestly say that during these years SICK products have ensured high quality and excellent reliability for our customers, resulting in increased efficiency.

Thanks to its touchscreen, the new sensor is very easy to set up and use. As the SICK W10 sensor is designed with a user-friendly interface, setting and configuring the parameters will not take much time. Its easy navigation significantly reduces the time needed to start up and run the device.

The touchscreen is as intuitive to use as any mobile phone. The touchscreen allows the sensor to be quickly customised and maintained.

Multiple SICK W10 features

  • SICK W10Easy to use thanks to a touchscreen.
  • Option to lock the display to prevent accidental change of settings. The locking procedure is optional but recommended.
  • Provides high performance with a precise laser triangulation system for line scanning.
  • Allows easy workflow management by providing multiple functions on one sensor.
  • Offers MultiMode features such as speed, standard and precision modes, foreground and background suppression and training options.
  • Eases installation work with pre-configured settings and multiple training options for easy sensor integration.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 18 mm x 57 mm x 42,2 mm
Functions Background suppression, foreground suppression, MultiMode
Light source Laser
Type of light Visible red light
Switching output
Push-pull: PNP/NPN
Switching mode light/dark
Case category IP67, IP69
Case material Metal
Regulation Display
Object detection distance (min.) 25 mm
Object detection distance (max.) 400 mm ; 700 mm
Connection type Connector M12, 4 pins.

The main advantages of the SICK W10 photo sensor

  • Reliable and easy to use thanks to a touchscreen.
  • Multiple applications with different operating modes.
  • Ideal even for harsh and difficult industrial environments.
  • Quick installation and operation.
  • Extra safety that prevents equipment downtime and reconfiguration.

The most common industries where SICK W10 is used

SICK W10SICK has extensive experience in a wide range of industries, with a deep understanding of their processes and requirements. In application centres in Europe, Asia and North America, system solutions are tested and optimised according to customer needs. With intelligent sensors, SICK can deliver exactly what our customers need. It should be mentioned that SICK W10 is used in various object detection, positioning and measurement tasks. For example:

  • mechanical engineering, automotive industry
  • product packaging;
  • manufacture of household goods, food and beverages;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • manufacture of electrical devices;
  • etc.
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Juris Vuškāns
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