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July 27, 2021
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    Have the ringing bell operation pass to an accurate automatic device! Already this school year, give the school attendant the opportunity to focus on other daily tasks without worries, without care about the correct bell ringing time!

    The device is designed to connect to an existing school bell and operates in parallel with the existing bell turn on button. Ringing periods, ring duration and holliday time periods are programmed according to the individually approved and submitted schedule of lessons before the purchase of the product.

   If necessary (on holidays or events), the automatic ringing operation can be temporarily switched off with a switch. Once installed, this device operates fully automatically, ensuring accurate bell ringing operation at scheduled times. If necessary, the automatic scool bell can be connected to the local data network to provide remote access to control the settings and make changes to the lessons schedule.

Technical specification:

  • required supply voltage: 220v 50Hz;
  • average power consumption: up to 4W;
  • dimensions (cm): 25X20X12;
  • allowed connected load (bell) current: 6A;
  • the device automatically resumes operation after power outages (up to 80 hours).
  • automatically switch to summer / winter time;
  • color: white
  • body material: plastic
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