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March 14, 2019
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Most factories need employment of staff all the time - 24 hours a day (normal working time of the employee – 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week.) or periodic, regular work at different times of the clock, the so-called shift work. Of course, eating times, rest breaks, etc. should be indicated during this period. The solution is to define the exact time and inform staff by signal/ring, which contributes to the efficiency of work.


  • Improved job efficiency and productivity in your business
  • Convenient, fully prepared solution
  • Ready for assembly at the factory/work place
  • Time relay programmed according to your needs
  • Select a ring, siren, or light
  • Ability to make adjustments based on your instructions

The solution range includes a distribution box, cable input, clips,time relay, relay, automatic switch

  • Schneider Electric clips
  • Schrack enclousure, automatic switch and relay
  • ELKO EP time relay
  • Sirena ring, siren, or light 

To choose the best solution and get to know the product'soptions, be welcome to us.

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