SCHRACK - motor protection circuit breakers, thermal relays and contactors

March 13, 2019
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SCHRACK - motor protection circuit breakers, thermal relays and contactors-0

     In cases where a high-quality solution is needed to control and protect the electric motor, it is strongly recommended that SCHRACK contactors, thermorelays and circuit breakers be used. It is no secret that these components are produced at SIEMENS plant. We use them to carry out our projects, and we have esnured their quality and long “lifetime”. The price of the product will certainly please each of you.


  • Manufactured at SIEMENS plant
  • High quality, long “lifetime"
  • Availability in our warehouse
  • Attractive price
  • Technical support from our team

We will be pleased to help you choose the products and solutionsthat are exactly relevant to your needs.


Code: BE504000
In stock: 5+ pcs
26.12 EUR (w/o VAT)
Code: LT4760M7S
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101.09 EUR (w/o VAT)
Code: LSTD0250
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5.37 EUR (w/o VAT)
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