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April 29, 2024
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Modern energy management and optimisation has become a necessity for both households and businesses. With SENECA energy meters, you will therefore have an efficient tool to monitor and analyse your electricity consumption and the state of the grid, providing you with valuable information and transparency in your energy consumption.

Table of contents:

  1. SENECA Energy Meters - Save Energy
  2. Detailed Network Status Analysis with SENECA Energy Meters
  3. Production Cost Optimisation with SENECA
  4. SENECA Meters - A Certified and Reliable Instrument

SENECA Energy Meters - Save Energy and Reduce Expenses

These meters allow you to analyse your energy consumption in detail, which will reveal a number of important pieces of information:

  • Connected consumers: the SENECA meters let you know which consumers are connected to the electricity grid. This will help to identify energy 'dampers' and potentially detect appliances or devices that are consuming energy wastefully.
  • Voltage fluctuations: Meters provide information on voltage levels, fluctuations and deviations. This will allow you to assess the stability of the electrical grid and potential problems that may affect the operation of your equipment.
  • Excessive consumers: The meter will help you detect if there are any equipment or systems that are consuming excessive amounts of energy and help you take measures to optimise them, which will help you reduce your energy costs.
  • Accurate production costs: SENECA meters are a great help for production companies to control and optimise energy costs. You will get detailed information on the energy consumption of your production processes, which will allow you to make the necessary improvements and save your company money.


Detailed Network Status Analysis with SENECA Meters

SENECA meters provide complete information on:

  • Voltage (V),
  • Current (I),
  • Harmonics,
  • Power Factor (PF),
  • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion),
  • other network parameters.

Production Cost Optimisation with SENECA

SENECA meters help companies to efficiently control and optimise energy consumption in production processes by providing accurate and reliable measurement data.


SENECA Meters - Certified and Reliable Instrument

SENECA energy meters also offer a number of advantages that make them a convenient and cost-effective choice:

  1. Remote measurement: no need to walk around and read conventional meters manually, as data can also be transmitted remotely directly to a computer.
  2. Connection type: These meters are adaptable to different connection types, making it easy to integrate them into your existing electricity system. They can be used with direct connection, as well as with risers or with Rogowski coils.
  3. Modbus/Ethernet communication: These advanced communication protocols ensure efficient data transmission and allow easy integration of the meters into your energy management systems.
  4. Built-in memory: The meters have a built-in memory that allows data to be stored and analysed later.
  5. MID certified: some SENECA energy meters are MID certified to European standards, ensuring accurate and reliable electricity measurements. This makes them reliable and high-quality solutions for energy management and cost optimisation.
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