Exhibition TECH INDUSTRY 2019

October 18, 2019
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Exhibition TECH INDUSTRY 2019-0

From 28 to 30 November, Tech Industry 2019, the largest and most significant industrial manufacturing event in the Baltics, will be held at the International Exhibition Center in Kipsala, Riga.

As usual, ZTF LASMA will participate in the exhibition and will welcome everyone at your stand!


  • SICK - Industrial sensor news

SICK Position Sensors - are among the best sensors in the world. SICK has been considered a leader in contactless sensor technology for decades, and its sensor technology can solve virtually any complexity. The booth will introduce you to the new W16 and W26 photo sensors and their unique features.

SICK Process Sensors - In the field of process automation, SICK develops sensors, analysis systems for various process measurement technologies such as pressure, temperature, flow, level, and more. In the booth you will be able to see news from this product group.

  • SICK security technologies

SICK Safety - As one of the leading providers of security technology, SICK offers a comprehensive range of products and systems to meet safety requirements in accordance with legislation and standards. SICK is able to provide complete security solutions - from analysis to certified systems. The booth will feature new laser scanners, security curtains and much more.

  • SENECA - data acquisition and processing

Effective accounting systems, robust remote control and monitoring.

You will be able to:

  • Energy metering and analysis using S500 / S604 / S711 / T201 meters and analyzers
  • I / O Mobus RTU and TCP / IP solutions
  • Industrial access solutions: Z-PASS2 and others
  • Wireless data transmission modules. Z-LINK
  • Upgraded data loggers and MQTT communication capabilities
  • WEB SCADA for IoT World

Ecava IGX Web SCADA offers great and advanced capabilities in data processing and process management! Web SCADA is capable of displaying data in real time (statuses, measurement values, visual states, alarm reports, trends, etc.) to perform a control and management function using any modern Internet browser (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
This year our booth will feature visualized action from SCADAs as well as a representative from ECAVA IGX from Malaysia.

  • For 10 years in Latvia, the most user-friendly frequency inverters from Invertek Drives

Ease of use, reliability and quality - all of these features have been proven with you through our long-standing partnership with Invertek Drives, an English frequency converter manufacturer.
Starting with Tech Industry 2019, we are launching a 10-year celebration that will continue into 2020 and promises to be filled with surprises.

During the exhibition, our stand will feature representatives from:

SICK - Daily (English)

ECAVA - Daily (English)

SENECA - Nov. 28-Nov 29. (English)

INVERTEK DRIVES - 28.11. (Russian, English)

Our own specialists will be at your service every day of the exhibition:

28 - 29 November 10 am - 6 pm
November 30, 10am - 5pm

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