SICK Safety protection over extra long distances

September 27, 2019
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The SICK i150RP rope pull switches ensure that dangerous movements are reliably stopped over distances up to 75 m. The rope is connected to the rope pull switch for optimum safeguarding of hazardous points that are not protected by safety covers, e.g., conveyors.

In the working position, the rope is under tension and the safety-relevant contacts – the positive opening normally closed contacts – are closed. The contacts are opened by a pull on the rope or if the rope breaks, the emergency stop function is triggered. Actuation is possible at any point along the rope.

Advantages of SICK i150RP:

  • The emergency stop function can be triggered at any point along the rope
  • The long rope length reduces the number of rope pull switches, which saves costs
  • Simple adjustment of the rope tension
  • Rugged metal housing offers a high level of protection for the rope pull switch
  • Integrated emergency stop pushbutton allows users to trigger the emergency stop function at the end of the rope
  • User-friendly systems available with many rope lengths
  • Additional contacts provide quick and easy diagnostics
  • With Flexi Loop: safe series connection including diagnostics with minimal wiring effort


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