Invertek Drives reaches 3 million frequency drive production milestone

June 4, 2024
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Invertek Drives reaches 3 million frequency drive production milestone-0

Invertek Drives is a global leader in variable frequency drive technology innovation and manufacturing, recently reaching 3ed million variable frequency drive produced. Impressively, this mark comes just three years after the two million mark, demonstrating the rapidly growing demand for energy-saving solutions.

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Saving energy and reducing emissions

Optidrive variable frequency drive significantly reduces energy consumption by up to 50% by precisely controlling the electric motors and ensuring that they only use the power required for the task at hand, thus significantly reducing energy waste. This technology is particularly important given that there are more than 80 million electric motors in operation worldwide without drive control.

Invertek Drives' frequency drives, manufactured at its headquarters near Welshpool, UK, are a testament to the company's ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability. According to Adrian Ellam, CEO of Invertek Drives, variable frequency drives provide a robust and proven solution for reducing energy losses and emissions. The company is continuously creating innovative solutions and approaches to ensure that its technology remains at the forefront of efficiency.


Specialized variable frequency drives

invertek frekvenču pārveidotājsThe importance of energy saving and emission reduction in industry Invertek Drives is expanding its Innovation Team to create the next generation of variable frequency drives as more and more different industries start to use this technology to increase system efficiency and reduce energy consumption, improving profitability. The company's highly specialized products, such as the Optidrive Coolvert series, specifically designed for heat pumps and cooling systems, are key to market development, delivering large energy savings.


Expansion of production capacity

Invertek Drives has invested in the construction of a new 2750 m2 production facility to increase production capacity to more than 1.5 million variable frequency drives per year. This investment demonstrates the growing demand for variable frequency drives in many industries.


Financial growth and innovation center

jauna ražotneInvertek Drives continues to experience impressive growth, with a record turnover of £96.9 million in 2023, a 27% increase on the previous year. With over 460 employees, the company recently announced a multi-million-pound investment in its variable frequency drive research and development program, including the construction of a new Innovation Centre and Headquarters.

The development of the next generation of electric motor control, according to Rhydian Welson, Sales and Marketing Director at Invertek Drives, the company's recently launched Optidrive Elevator Core is just the start of bringing the next generation of variable frequency drives to market. Customers around the world recognize Invertek drives for their reliability in diverse and often demanding applications.


Wide industry application

variable frequency drives are widely used in many industries to improve system efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Tos used:

  • In manufacturing, optimizing pumps, fans, and conveyors;
  • HVAC building services, regulating ventilation, air conditioning, and water pumps;
  • In water supply and wastewater systems, improving the efficiency of water treatment plants and pumping stations;
  • Renewable energy systems, controlling wind turbines and solar tracking systems;
  • HVAC-R systems, optimizing the performance of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems


Solutions offered by ZTF Lāsma

ZTF Lasma offers not only a wide range of variable frequency drives, providing precise motor control in a variety of industries, but also customized solutions to meet specific customer requirements, and our professional engineers are ready to assist your company with variable frequency drive projects, ensuring the highest quality and performance.


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