New: Three-color SMI2-M Modbus display - indicator from Akytec

June 18, 2024
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New: Three-color SMI2-M Modbus display - indicator from Akytec-0

The Akytec SMI2-M is a new universal display-indicator with a handy and wide range of applications in industrial process monitoring. It has an RS485 connection and can display up to 4 digits in green, red or yellow for the monitored values. The indicator is compact and can be mounted in a 22.5 mm diameter borehole just like a standard switchboard indicator lamp, providing quick and easy installation for the control enclosures doors or panels

Functionality and Protocols

Functionally, the SMI2-M supports Modbus RTU, ASCII, akYtec communication protocols, providing a wide range of integration options in industrial environments. The indicator can function as a Modbus network MASTER or SLAVE device. In addition to these classic Modbus modes, there are also SPY mode. This mode allows you to use the Akytec indicator in an existing Modbus architecture with MASTER and SLAVE devices running, without making changes to the network configuration. SPY mode "listens" to the network traffic (Traffic) waiting for a configured request or response from the specific device.

LED colour Modbus protocol RS485 interfeiss The indicator can be used as Modbus Master or Slave Power supply 24 V DC Easy installation in Ø22.5 mm hole Quick assembly Compact design The display can be mounted in a push-button switch Protection class IP65 Character height 14 mm Ambient temperature

Data Types and Colour Changing

With the Akytec SMI2-M you will be able to display data types such as:

  • INT;
  • DINT;
  • WORD;
  • DWORD;
  • REAL;
  • TIME.

The desired value can be displayed in one of 3 colors and the flashing function can be activated if required. The built-in Akytec indicator logic allows associating a color change depending on the level of the monitored value.

SMI2-M Configuration

SMI2-M indicator configuration is conveniently done via Micro-USB and the configuration software akYtec ToolPro is available on the manufacturer's website.

Akytec SMI2-M technical specifications

Supply voltages 24 (10...48) IN DC
Consumption 1.5 W
Interfeiss RS485 (2-wire)
Protocols ModBus RTU / ASCII, akYtec
Network speed 2.4...115.2 kBit/s
Screen LED, 4 numbers, 7 segments
Height of symbols 14 mm
Colours Red / green / yellow
IP class Front IP65, rear IP20
Dimensions 48 x 26 x 65.4 mm
Masa about 30 g
Class of protection III
Operating temperature -40...+70 °C
Storage temperature -40...+70 °C
Mitrums Up to 80% (non-condensing)
Galvanic insulation Ir

Examples of SMI2-M applications

Display of the mercury (temperature, pressure, current, RH%, etc.) from the Modbus sensor