Prevent Water Damage with Lascar Wireless Alert LD

September 14, 2023
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Prevent Water Damage with Lascar Wireless Alert LD-0

As smart technologies play an increasingly important role in everyday life, processes such as remotely controlling your iRobot or switching on your washing machine have become natural. As technology advances, so do demands on security - for example, how can you protect yourself and your property from the threat of flooding? Lascar Electronics has developed an advanced wireless liquid leak detector. It is a simple to use and easy to install water flood detector. In this article you will find out how the Lascar Wireless Alert LD wireless indoor flood detector can be a lifesaver or even a helper.

  1. How do I set up Lascar Wireless Alert LD?
  2. 6 valuable advantages of a leak detector
  3. Leak detector applications
  4. Lascar Wireless Alert LD technical specification

So this wireless liquid leak detector monitors critical areas in rooms that could be at risk from flooding. These can be household laundry rooms or bathrooms. They can also be heating system units where a back-pressure valve may be working. Unfortunately, none of us is immune from the various accidents associated with building operation and the elements.

In autumn and spring, the risk of flooding in basements, warehouses and other buildings increases. Individuals and businesses are not immune from flooding and the damage it causes. Lascar Electronics offers the Wireless Alarm LD flood detector, which can help monitor leaks of water or other liquids. If a leak occurs, the device will immediately notify by sending an alert email.

How do I set up Lascar Wireless Alert LD?

This small device is extremely easy to install in any potentially flood-prone area. Setup is also very intuitive thanks to the FilesThruTheAir app. You can specify the recipient's email address, connect to a specific Wi-Fi network, and configure a delay time for sending the alarm message to prevent reporting of temporary or minor leaks.

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6 valuable advantages of a leak detector

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Free mobile app for both iOS and Android smart devices
  • No subscription fee
  • User-configurable alert delay settings
  • Daily, weekly or monthly summaries
  • Up to two years of battery life

Leak detector applications

  • For monitoring private property:
    • in garages;
    • basements;
    • in roofs and attics;
    • bathrooms;
    • heating rooms,
    • outbuildings.
  • For monitoring commercial premises:
    • warehouses;
    • dry storage rooms;
    • frozen and chilled storage areas;
    • semi-basements and basements;
    • public cloakrooms;
    • kitchen areas of catering premises.

Lascar Wireless Alert LD technical specification

Alert delay: up to 1 minute 
Dimensions: 69 x 32 x 22 mm 
Power supply: 2 x 1,5 V  LR03 / UM4 / AAA (up to 2 years*)
Protection: device - IP5X; sensor - IP67
Cable lenght: 1,5 m 
Operating temperature: from -18°C to +54°C
Connectivity: Wi-Fi - WPA/WPA-2 Personal - 802.11bgn (2.4 GHz)


*Battery life depends on: signal strength between the router/access point and the wireless alarm device, the presence, volume and type of Wi-Fi traffic from other devices, operating temperatures and the number of alerts sent.

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