Static inertia test for ESTUN servo engines

October 14, 2020
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The selection of the servo engine is not always an easy task in order to correctly select the engine, it is necessary to calculate the static inertia of the load applied. This calculation may be complicated, so to make it easier, THE ESTUN servo engines are equipped with software capable of measuring static inertia for the connected structure.

Step 1 - Connect the Servo engine and driver. Add to the network.

ProNet Series Servodrive shema

The phases of the servo engine are connected to terminals U, V, W, and the encoder cable is connected to the CN2 terminal. In the case of single-phase feeding, add a phase to terminals L1 and L1C and add neutral to L2 and L2C.

Estun driver conected to network

[practical example of electrical connection]

Step 2 - When this is done, we connect THE ESTUN servo engine driver to the supply voltage. The segment display will display the following message on the driver:

Display data

* The message indicates that the safety relays P-OT and N-OT are not connected, which block or unlock the ability to move the motor axis clockwise or counterclockwise, but this message can be ignored for the inertia test.

There are location buttons under the display with the following symbols – M, ▲,▼,◄

By pressing the M button three times in the settings section Fn000, the arrows change the settings to Fn009

display Fn009

To open this setting, press the key ◄

The following message appears on the display:

Display --J--

To start the test, press the symbol M. The engine makes a few turns clockwise and counterclockwise, repeating this action twice. After the test, the display will display inertia in the following unit of measure 10-4*kg*m2

Step 3 - To ensure adequate operation of the servo engine, the following elevance must be followed:

Rotor inerti formula

Static inertia connected to the rotor, the value measured in step 2.

Rotor inertia - specified in technical data

* The manufacturer recommends not to exceed this figure by more than 6, but a ratio value of up to 10 is allowed

Without this ratio of parameters, THE ESTUN servo engine will not be able to provide accurate control of the drive.

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