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October 24, 2023
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ZTF Lāsma's wide range of power supplies also includes Modicon series power supplies. They are distinguished by their high quality and reliability, offering a wide range of applications in industrial environments. They have the usual DIN-rail mounting and offer both single-phase and three-phase connection.

In this article we will look at:

What are power supplies?

Barošanas bloksThe power supply unit is a very important component in power systems. They are mainly used in power management. They ensure proper control, protection and distribution of electricity. When highlighting industrial power supplies, their role should be emphasised in ensuring power stability and protection of various equipment and systems. Schneider Electric has developed a variety of power supplies to suit a wide range of applications, from domestic to industrial.

Power supply applications

  • Barošanas bloks balts Industrial Automation: Industrial power supplies provide power to PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and other automation components that monitor and control manufacturing and other industrial processes..
  • Power management: In industrial power management, power supplies guarantee the correct distribution of electrical energy and protection against disturbances, thus improving overall efficiency.
  • Manufacturing and Processing: many industrial components, such as production lines or processing equipment, use power supplies to ensure operation and protection against power disturbances.
  • Transport and Logistics Systems:power supplies are also used for the electrical drive and control of logistics and transport equipment, such as conveyors.

What types of power supplies exist?

In industry, there are basically two types of power supplies - transformer type and pulse type. Each type has its own characteristics and applications. It would therefore be important to choose the right type for the specific needs.

  • Impulsa barošanas bloksTransformer type power supply units are known for their high reliability and durability. They have a much longer lifetime and can often last up to 10 years under heavy loads, providing a stable power supply to equipment. However, they also have their drawbacks, such as the fact that they can be relatively heavy, weighing up to a kilogram.


  • TransformatorsImpulse feed for blocks have shorter lifetimes and are typically around 3 years under heavy loads. The reliability of the units depends on the robustness and operational stability of the electronic components. The biggest advantage is that pulse-type power supplies are electronically generated - they store energy in filter capacitors, which can be sufficient to cut the current during a short burst. Then, if the mains voltage drops for a short time, e.g. between 0.5 and 1 second, the power supply unit will be able to recover the current.

To make the right choice between these types of power supplies, it is necessary to take into account the task requirements and the working environment. Transformer-type power supplies are ideal when a long-lasting and reliable power supply is required, while pulse-type power supplies are useful when a short-term power supply without interruptions is required. Schneider Electric's Modicon range of power supplies offers both types of solution to meet a variety of industrial automation requirements.

To help you choose the right Schneider Electric Modicon power supply, here is a table outlining their advantages and disadvantages:

Benefits Minuses
+ Compact size - Higher price
+ Plašs sprieguma diapazons - More complicated installation
+ Wide voltage range - Not suitable for households
+ Integrated antiharmonic filter  
+ Integrated energy reserve  

Schneider Electric Modicon Power Supply Specification

Schneider Electric Modicon power supplies have different technical specifications and parameters, which may vary depending on the model and application. Modicon industrial power supplies are regulated closed-loop power supplies. They are available in 3 types: ABLM modular, ABLS optimised, ABLU3 Three-phase and ABL8RP 1/2-phase power supplies.

ABLM modular power supplies

- 10W to 60W
- 1 and 2 phase 100...240 VAC input
- Modular housing in 18, 36, or 53 mm width
- NEC Class2 / LPS

ABLS optimised power supplies

- From 50 W to 480 W
- 1 and 2 phase 100...240 VAC input
- 2 enclosure formats - distribution and block type
- Conformal coating (for block type)
- NEC Class2 / LPS
- Up to 6 output terminals

ABLU3 Three-phase power supply units

- From 240 W to 960 W
- 3 phase 380...500 VAC input
- The most compact power supply on the market
- Power boost (150% of rated for 5 s)
- Conformal coating
- 2 different protection modes (Auto/Manu)
- Diagnostic contacts
- Operating temperatures up to +70°C
- Compatible with ABL8 functionality modules

ABL8RP 1/2 phase power supply units

- From 72 W to 480 W
- 1 and 2 phase 100...500 VAC input
- Power boost (150% of nominal for 4 s)
- 2 different protection modes (Auto/Manual)
- Diagnostic contacts
- Compatible with ABL8 functionality modules

If you would like more specific information about Schneider Electric's latest power supplies or other products, please contact us. As a reminder, our e-shop offers a wide range of power supplies in different capacities and sizes.

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If you need advice or specific information about Schneider Electric Modicon power supplies, please contact our engineers. With over 30 years of experience in the field of industrial automation, ZTF Lāsma experts will provide you with the necessary advice and help you choose the right solution for your needs.

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