Circuit breakers and fuses

Circuit-breakers and electrical protection components

Protective components, or fuses of various types, are very important components of the power grid, protecting not only the grid from damage, but also the user from electrocution when the power to the grid is interrupted. Our range includes a variety of electrical protection components that can be used in different industries.

Modular circuit breakers (MCB)

Circuit breakers or modular circuit breakers are the most common network protection component. Who hasn't looked for a classic 16A circuit breaker! They can be found in every house, building, industrial premises - anywhere where there is a mains supply and electrical equipment. Their main task is to protect the mains from damage in the event of overload.

Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB)

These are less common, but they are becoming more and more sought after because of their important role. Unlike modular circuit breakers, this one monitors for power losses in the network, which means that current flows away and creates a dangerous situation.

Combined Leak Detectors (RCBO)

A combination circuit breaker is a component of an electrical network that combines two types of circuit breakers - modular and leakage. This device is able to react to both overvoltage and blackouts, thus preventing potentially dangerous interruptions to the electricity supply. The combination circuit-breaker can serve as a protective device to ensure safety against power supply failures and safety against power leakage during temporary faults in the electrical system. It is also very common in electrical networks subject to high loads and requiring robust and reliable protection. A major advantage is that both functions are contained in a single module, which reduces the number of switches in the distribution rows.

Motor thermo-magnetic circuit breakers (MPCB)

These thermo-magnetic circuit breakers are specially designed for electric motors to protect them from short circuits, overvoltages and other mains faults. Using these switches in a way to protect the equipment. The most characteristic feature of these circuit-breakers, in contrast to other circuit-breakers, is that the strength of the current to be switched off can be adjusted. This would be that the switch switches off the equipment when the set value is exceeded.

Surge and lightning protection elements

Surge protectors consist of varistors like cartridges. These elements reduce the overvoltage acting on an electrical device or system and protect it from damage or even fire caused by the mains. Cartridges are very easy to install and to find and replace quickly.

Fluidised fuses (HRC)

A fuse is a simple type of fuse whose main function is to protect electrical equipment such as motors, generators, transformers from overload or short-circuit damage. They have a high breaking capacity and low cost.


A thermorelay is a protective component that uses thermal properties to interrupt current. When the amount exceeds a specified threshold, the special metal contacts in the device separate from each other when heated, thus protecting the network from overvoltage.

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